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Leaf Eater Foods

Species Groups

Marion Leaf Eater Food is recommended by wildlife and zoo veterinarians as a primary diet for primate species groups listed below. It has also been successfully used for supplemental diets in various feeding protocols for elephants, giraffes, anteaters, brown bears, sloths, and slow loris.

Marion Leaf Eater Food has also been successfully fed to endangered species on the Species Survival Plan such as the Golden-bellied and the Black Mangabey at the San Diego Zoo, and the Douc Langurs at the Philadephia Zoo.

For suggested feeding protocols, please see Feeding Directions.

A List *B List **C List
ME Values (metabollised energy values)
3.0-3.3 kcal/g2.8-3.0 kcal/g2.0-2.2 kcal/g

All estimates based upon actual feeding trials.

* Forgut fermenters

** Hindgut fermenters