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Leaf Eater Foods

Marion Leaf Eater Food is a formulated diet for leaf-eating primates, such as lemurs, colobus, langurs, and howlers, as well as tree kangaroos, pandas, and other animals with high-fiber requirements.

Leaf Eater is a complete formulation that not only provides essential fiber and protein for daily living but also life-enriching nutrients for stressful life cycle periods like breeding and rearing.

Leaf Eater is an invigorating diet for older primates, and is suitable for gorillas and orangutans. It does not contain gliadin (wheat gluten) and may be helpful in feeding primates with sensitivity to this protein.

This product contains carefully controlled amounts of iron and iodine.

Ordering Information

Leaf Eater is available in three sizes (same formula) to accommodate varying feeding protocols.


Leaf Eater Crumble
SKU# LEC B25 Size: ⅛" diameter sphere (3mm)


Leaf Eater Lemur
SKU# LEL B25 Size: 1" x ½" biscuit (2.54 x 1.27cm)


Leaf Eater Gorilla
SKU# LEG B25 Size: 2.5" x 1" biscuit (6.35 x 2.54cm)