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Life-Enriching Foods for Rare and EndangeredSpecies Since 1985

Marion Zoological develops and distributes specialty life-enriching foods for exotic pets, and rare and endangered zoo animals. Since 1985, these foods and innovative manufacturing techniques have resulted in healthier animals thanks to the work of many exceptional researchers, scientists, and animal caregivers.​ Our foods provide exceptional health benefits while providing the utmost in manufacturing safety possible.

Leaf Eater Food

Why Marion Zoological?

Foods Protected by Human-Grade and Kosher

We have a choice and a higher duty to protect, enforce, and provide for the animals in our care. Only the highest quality and safest food standards of Human- Grade and Kosher gives us this opportunity. These standards are what control food sources, food additives, and processing conditions that are free from direct and cross contamination of allergens, pathogens, and toxins.

Foods Distinguished byQuality and Innovation

Our food not only exemplifies quality by its smell and high animal acceptance, but also by its ability to retain water without falling apart and resist failure in moist, high-humidity outdoor applications. These food attributes lead to increased animal acceptance and food digestibility, feeding protocol flexibility, and lower food waste and cost.