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Since 1985, Marion Zoological has provided foods for the breeding, enrichment and supplementation needs of over 200 species of rare and endangered animals. Our success with primates, reptiles, and birds are recognized by authoritative publications, numerous rehabilitative organizations and international veterinary schools.

Scenic Bird Food ~ 1984 - 1987

Scenic Bird Food was the original complete manufactured food for Birds since 1985. Scenic Bird Food was tested for 3 years in zoological institutions between 1985-1987 prior to formally coming out to market. During this time Scenic Bird Food was fed to ~200 species of birds achieving health, breeding and chick survival in captivity.

Scenic Hand Rearing Bird Food ~ 1994

Hand feeding formulas and weaning foods were developed in 1994 and Parrot breeder tested.

Marion Leaf Eater Food ~ 1988

Marion Leaf Eater was the original complete manufactured food for leaf eater primate's species and is also recommended by wildlife and zoo veterinarians as a primary diet for lemurs, colobus, langur, howler monkeys, gorilla, chimpanzee, gibbon, orangutan.

It has also been successfully used for supplemental diets in various feeding protocols for elephants, giraffes, anteaters, brown bears, sloths and slow loris among other species.

Red Panda 1988 - 1990​

Marion Zoological in conjunction with Dr. Duane Ullrey and other zoo professionals developed the Leaf Eater Food for Red Panda and submitted the proposal for the creation of the Red Panda Species Survival Plan.

Giant Panda Born at the San Diego Zoo

In 2000 and 2003, the San Diego Zoo welcomed the birth and survival of two Giant Panda Cubs. Never before have Giant Panda cubs been born in captivity and survived outside the breeding compounds of China. Marion Zoological congratulates the exceptionally skilled staff at the San Diego Zoo and share in their success!​

panda cub
Panda cub shown with our food. Source: San Diego Zoo