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Philosophy, Mission, and Goals

Our Philosophy

That the world is a shared environment and all of God's creatures should benefit from each other. Coexistence is not an option; it is a choice to follow our Creator's plan for long-term survival.

Our Mission and Promises

  • We are a RESPONSIBLE developer of foods for all animals especially those in captivity.
  • We offer our foods in the highest of all quality and safety standards “HUMAN KOSHER”. (link)​
  • We will always endeavor to IMPROVE our products when possible.​
  • We will NEVER sell any product below our quality standards.​
  • We will use INNOVATION to improve the relationship between humans and animals. (link Innovation) ​
  • Develop formulae in a rational manner with the goal of producing a minimum number of products that feed the maximum number of animals. (link + piece of history) ​
  • Promote conservation and propagation of rare and endangered species of animals both in captivity and in the wild. (link possibly treats + supplements + training)

Our Goals

  • Set the best example of our Mission so that all precious animals are here for us to enjoy the way our Creator intended and with proper care will be here for future generations​
  • The role of nutrition and food safety management in preserving rare and endangered species for future generations will not counteract the destruction of habitat, abuse, poaching, environmental chaos, and poor health care of institutionalized animals that has led to the WWF endangered species list.​