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Mozaic Reptile Food

Feeding Directions

Mozaic Reptile Food is a complete formulated diet and does not require additional vitamins or other supplements when feeding. Adding additional vitamins and minerals may prove harmful. Prior to choosing additional vitamins for your reptile, please consult with a veterinarian or animal nutritionist.

Mozaic Reptile Foods are safe to mix with a few fruits and vegetables for added variety and natural sources of moisture and fiber. Additionally, this food can be moistened with water, fruit, or vegetable juice without losing its form and shape. Moistened foods are sometimes easier to feed to juvenile or smaller reptiles and amphibians.

Mature Reptiles50% Mozaic & 50% fruits, veggies
Immature Reptiles75% Mozaic & 25% fruits, veggies
Breeding Reptiles90% Mozaic & 10% fruits, veggies

General Feeding Instructions

  • This product may be fed alone or mixed with fruits and vegetables.
  • If mixed with other foods, Mozaic Reptile Food should not constitute less than one-half of the total food consumed by weight.
  • Always provide plenty of fresh water.
  • Do not use food that is old, or has signs of insect or rodent contamination.
  • Never use food that has been improperly stored and shows signs of mold growth.