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Leaf Eater Foods

Feeding Directions

Marion Leaf Eater food sets the standard for dietary versatility. It can be fed as an integral part of an overall feeding program, as a supplement, or for enrichment. Depending on other available foodstuffs, good nutritional feeding protocols can be developed for many species as long as dietary best practices are maintained. It is important to match the metabolic energy intake of the menu and items offered to each species depending on its needs. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Marion Leaf Eater Food can be fed with fruits and vegetables to give your primates variety and natural sources of moisture and fiber.

If mixed with fruits and vegetables, follow this general outline:

Mature Primates50% Leaf Eater & 50% fruits, veggies
Immature Primates75% Leaf Eater & 25% fruits, veggies
Breeding Primates90% Leaf Eater & 10% fruits, veggies

Always follow standards and best practices for feeding animals as you would in developing dietary protocols for humans:

Any feeding program should consider natural dietary habits and provide assurance of a nutritionally complete diet, while matching metabolizable energy intake with need.

— D.E. Ullrey, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University, Department of Comparative Nutrition

It would seem obvious that if these principles are not followed, negative effects can be caused by the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this fact.

— Jim Goetz, President, Marion Zoological

Leaf Eater will not lose its shape when softened with water. When Leaf Eater is fed dry, it can be an effective dentifrice.

General Feeding Instructions

  • This product may be fed alone or offered with fruits and vegetables.
  • Marion Leaf Eater Food is the only source of a balanced diet offered and if mixed with other foods, should not constitute less than one-half of the total food consumed by weight.
  • Always provide plenty of fresh water.
  • Do not use food that is old, or has signs of insect or rodent contamination.
  • Never use food that has been improperly stored and shows signs of moldy growth.