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Orthocal Insect Supplement

Orthocal Insect Supplement is a calcium-rich supplement used to prepare crickets, mealworms, and roaches for feeding to insectivore animals. Birds, reptiles, and mammals that consume insects as a part of normal daily feeding will benefit from the increased calcium levels achieved through preparatory insect gut-loading. Insect Supplement raises calcium levels in host insects to over 1% and establishes proper phosphorous ratios.

  • Thoroughly researched, tested, and frequently updated
  • Widely used by zoological institutions and pet owners
  • Long shelf life and economical dry formula
  • Carrier formula is fully formulated and balanced with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy-to-feed protocol maximizes calcium consumption and absorption

Ordering Information

Insect Supplement is available as a dry powder.

Orthocal Insect Supplement
Size: Powder