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Philosophy, Mission, and Goals

Our Philosophy

That the world is a shared environment and all of God's creatures should benefit from each other. Coexistence is not an option, it is a choice to follow God's plan for long-term survival.

Our Mission

To be a responsible developer of foods for rare and endangered species of animals, to manufacture these products to the highest quality levels possible, and to continue to make improvements to ensure the long-term survival of these animals for future generations.

Our Goals

  • Promote conservation and propagation of rare and endangered species of animals both in captivity and in the wild
  • Use scientific methodology to reduce the opportunity for error
  • Publish the results of our work in scientific journals and offer our work for peer review
  • Improve overall nutrition management through long term field testing and follow-up
  • Develop formulae in a rational manner with the goal of producing a minimum number of products that feed the maximum number of animals
  • Develop not only efficacious foods, but food products that reduce opportunity for feeding error, reduce delivery costs, and eliminate redundant handling wherever possible
  • Achieve the highest quality levels supported by documented quality control programs that not only prevent errors in product integrity but allow near instantaneous corrective actions
  • Simplify foods and feeding protocols to eliminate error and increase reliability of long term feeding programs
  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing, storage, and delivery while achieving unparalleled quality levels
  • Minimize the number of formulae, ingredients and physical properties of our foods except where justifiable differences make measurable and demonstrable improvements in health, acceptance or palatability
  • Recognize that these precious creatures we feed are here for us to enjoy the way God intended and with proper care will be here for all future generations

Without these goals, the role of nutrition management in preserving rare and endangered species for future generations will not counteract the destruction of habitat, abuse, illegal poaching, environmental chaos, and poor health care of institutionalized animals that has led to the WWF endangered species list.